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  • Vic Mensa – Down on my luck

    Aug 9, 14 • 4471 Views • VideoComments Off on Vic Mensa – Down on my luck

    Got into Mensa after he made the XXL Freshman list – killer video directed by Ben Dickinson with a “Groundhog Day in the club” thing going on. Vic’s on record as saying it’s influenced more than a little by James Blake. I just

  • Photo Aug 09, 12 14 41 PM

    Brand New Cadillac

    Aug 9, 14 • 11463 Views • Motovatin'Comments Off on Brand New Cadillac

    “Balls to you daddy…” Coming as it did wrapped up in The Clash’s double album Masterwork some time in late ’79 it took a while for The Clash’s classic version of the old Vince Taylor 12 bar blues to hit home.

  • Wolfhounds – Cheer Up

    Wolfhounds – Cheer Up

    Aug 8, 14 • 3276 Views • VideoComments Off on Wolfhounds – Cheer Up

    I have a vested interest in The Wolfhounds, as I’m heavily involved in their back to vinyl series, and did the packaging for this. I expected a little more from the likes of 6Music, who failed to get behind one of London’s old school garage bands

  • Philip Selway – Coming Up For Air

    Philip Selway – Coming Up For Air

    Aug 8, 14 • 4060 Views • VideoComments Off on Philip Selway – Coming Up For Air

    Phil Selway, most familiar to us all as Radiohead’s spectacular drummer, showed another side when recording songs for Neil Finn’s 7 World’s Collide charity project. He knocked all participants for six by writing two quite wonderful chill

  • Photo Aug 07, 7 29 12 PM

    Down In The Tube Station at Midnight

    Aug 8, 14 • 11999 Views • BritishComments Off on Down In The Tube Station at Midnight

    “A distant echo. Of faraway voices boarding faraway trains…” The Jam’s classic single “Down In The Tube Station at Midnight”  evokes a very real fear – not completely eroded – of being trapped in a violent

  • Cliff Richard

    Move it

    Aug 7, 14 • 8897 Views • British, Good Rockin' TonightComments Off on Move it

    I knew all about Cliff ‘cos of Auntie Chris. She’s still going strong, well into her seventies, but I’ll tell you what she lived the life. She married a bloke who was the spit of Stanley Baker and was a big fan of british rock and roll from

  • Photo Aug 04, 9 17 06 PM

    Motorhead – 1916

    Aug 5, 14 • 9114 Views • British, FeaturedComments Off on Motorhead – 1916

    Commemorating the great war in song is a serious business, and yet it’s the heartfelt works that spring to mind on the anniversary. Lemmy Kilmister was and still is one of British rock’s legend outsiders. Never taken seriously by critics, he was

  • Photo Aug 03, 9 24 41 PM (HDR)

    Follow The Leader

    Aug 4, 14 • 7081 Views • The Rhythm The RebelComments Off on Follow The Leader

    I can’t tell you what a blast it was to hear this on a club sound system for the first time. Because the early hip hop and rap cuts shipped on quality 12″ vinyl, and I had some valve amp disco speakers as best friends, I knew full well what a

  • Benjamin Clementine – Condolence

    Benjamin Clementine – Condolence

    Aug 3, 14 • 3359 Views • VideoComments Off on Benjamin Clementine – Condolence

  • IMG_1675

    Little Red Corvette

    Aug 2, 14 • 7889 Views • Motovatin', The Rhythm The RebelComments Off on Little Red Corvette

    Little Red Corvette is now such a pop classic – one of Prince’s best known songs globally – it’s hard to remember what a controversial figure he was back in 1983 when this came out.