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  • New Pornographers

    New Pornographers

    Jul 26, 14 • 2043 Views • VideoComments Off on New Pornographers

  • The Outlaws

    What do I know about… Southern Rock

    Jul 26, 14 • 2499 Views • Americana, RantComments Off on What do I know about… Southern Rock

    My the first encounter with Southern Rock fans was Knebworth in ’76. REO Speedwagon fans throwing bottles of piss at Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Now I know that these beery REO fans just looked like the scruffy bedenimed lazy-arses who listened to

  • IMG_0683

    Lonesome Jubilee

    Jul 26, 14 • 2603 Views • Americana, FeaturedComments Off on Lonesome Jubilee

    If I’m going to write this blog I have to start somewhere and it might as well be in the back of a beat up Thunderbird throwing up dust along some Indiana highway, the Fork White River down there somewhere.

  • IMG_1679

    Bitchin’ Camaro

    Jun 27, 14 • 2568 Views • Motovatin'Comments Off on Bitchin’ Camaro

    Now if there’s one thing I’ll never get is American college humor. In the years I spent on campus in Manchester, England, I came across one or two wasters and scoundrels beside myself but not whole houses full. In the US being a frathouse asshole

  • IMG_1698

    Iggy’s Lust for Life

    May 2, 14 • 3692 Views • Americana, FeaturedComments Off on Iggy’s Lust for Life

    I fell for Iggy Pop not because of his music, but because of a photograph.  Let me explain. As a kid I loved the glam rock stylings of David Bowie and specifically a larger than life theatrical character Bowie created called Ziggy Stardust. 

  • 2014-08-02 18.06.25

    Just Fearless

    Mar 2, 14 • 2747 Views • AmericanaComments Off on Just Fearless

    I first saw Taylor Swift on some You Tube video a buddy sent me. “You gotta see this young chick…”

  • IMG_1697

    The Cramps – Poison Ivy’s Rockin’ Sound.

    Feb 2, 14 • 13407 Views • AmericanaComments Off on The Cramps – Poison Ivy’s Rockin’ Sound.

    The first I heard of The Cramps was on late night radio. The DJ on some fading pirate station was playing a massive reverb filled swamp punk number called Under The Wire, a paean to dirty phone calls. It was simultaneously subversive and hilarious.

  • 2014-08-02 17.59.11

    Appreciating Richard Hawley’s Cole’s Corner

    Jan 2, 14 • 2657 Views • BritishComments Off on Appreciating Richard Hawley’s Cole’s Corner

    My grandma Lily loved those velvet voices. Visits to gran’s house were so often soundtracked by her favorite crooners from the late 50s. Nat King Cole, Harry Belafonte, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra were the cornerstones of her musical appreciation and of

  • IMG_1674

    A New York Conversation

    Oct 2, 13 • 11425 Views • Americana, Featured, The Rhythm The RebelComments Off on A New York Conversation

    Written October 27th 2013 I learned, just now, that Lou died today. I never met him or even saw him perform. But in so many small ways he made my life bigger and brighter and sharper and more inspirational.

  • IMG_1696

    Rico – Ska’s Trombone Legend

    Aug 2, 13 • 4542 Views • ReggaeComments Off on Rico – Ska’s Trombone Legend

    Jamaican trombonist Rico Rodriguez’s musical career spans five decades. From the earliest days of indiginous Jamaican music – mento, bluebeat, ska and rock steady right up to present-day big band ska Rico is a Jamaican living legend. Here’s