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Bitchin’ Camaro

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Now if there’s one thing I’ll never get is American college humor.

In the years I spent on campus in Manchester, England, I came across one or two wasters and scoundrels beside myself but not whole houses full. In the US being a frathouse asshole is an art in itself.

John Belushi’s Bluto character in the movie Animal House kinda set the tone, and it went downhill from there.

There was also another new character in this comedy, that of the nerd/geek. An opposite-of-sex-appeal that created another kind of idiot to counter the bullies and the jocks in their muscle-bound Camaros.

Enter Dead Milkmen from a skater park somewhere in Philly. None of this was serious, and they got quite a following with their shambolic punk rock parodies and skits; Bitchin’ Camaro – a part spoken-word part hardcore thrasher – being one of them. They were a kind of indie Beastie Boys, who sneaked into the college radio party by being deliberately/hilariously nerdy.

You can happily lump them with MTVs first generation comedy cartoon Beavis and Butthead who would regularly celebrate the band’s songs. They also fitted in perfectly with those bonehead characters that were emerging around then, likeBill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Saturday Night Live’s Wayne’s World sketches.

The Camaro was every local boy’s roadster of choice in the 80s. Me? I had no idea what they were going on about.


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