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  • Röyksopp & Robyn “Monument”

    Röyksopp & Robyn “Monument”

    Aug 21, 14 • 4344 Views • VideoComments Off on Röyksopp & Robyn “Monument”

    Robyn is the empress of electronia, I haven’t heard much by her that hasn’t hypnotised. Few artists can wrap themselves in the full electronic universe and still sound fully emotional and human. When artists get it right, as she regularly does,

  • Ryan Adams, “Gimme Something Good” [starring Elvira]

    Ryan Adams, “Gimme Something Good” [starring Elvira]

    Aug 21, 14 • 4335 Views • VideoComments Off on Ryan Adams, “Gimme Something Good” [starring Elvira]

    Now Ryan’s doing something very clever here. For a certain generation Elvira trump the “stacey’s mom” bollock with genuine cleavage. For a young man finding his way, shall we say, Elvira was late night ultimate. As sexy as she was you

  • Michael Jackson – A Place With No Name

    Michael Jackson – A Place With No Name

    Aug 21, 14 • 4077 Views • VideoComments Off on Michael Jackson – A Place With No Name

    What is this – a kind of musical grave robbing? We don’t get too upset if an old classical draft gets pulled from the rubble of some bavarian church, so why should we mind if the Michael Jackson struts through a post humous recording like a

  • Johnny Marr- Easy Money

    Johnny Marr- Easy Money

    Aug 21, 14 • 4866 Views • VideoComments Off on Johnny Marr- Easy Money

    A glossy end of the pier blast from Johnny Marr, who still feels fresh and busy. I saw him here in South Florida playing a ridiculously small, but suitably packed dire bar and he looked and sounded the business. And I know it’s just never going to

  • Attak – Rustie featuring Danny Brown

    Attak – Rustie featuring Danny Brown

    Aug 16, 14 • 4071 Views • VideoComments Off on Attak – Rustie featuring Danny Brown

    Beginning to dig the mix of the more hardcore electronic dance styles with inventive rap. In this case Scots production phenom Rustie lets the amazing Danny Brown (fresh out of Detroit, MI) take the mic. Rustie’s beats are completely in step with much

  • Alt-J – Left Hand Free

    Alt-J – Left Hand Free

    Aug 15, 14 • 4111 Views • VideoComments Off on Alt-J – Left Hand Free

  • Vic Mensa – Down on my luck

    Aug 9, 14 • 4398 Views • VideoComments Off on Vic Mensa – Down on my luck

    Got into Mensa after he made the XXL Freshman list – killer video directed by Ben Dickinson with a “Groundhog Day in the club” thing going on. Vic’s on record as saying it’s influenced more than a little by James Blake. I just

  • Wolfhounds – Cheer Up

    Wolfhounds – Cheer Up

    Aug 8, 14 • 3219 Views • VideoComments Off on Wolfhounds – Cheer Up

    I have a vested interest in The Wolfhounds, as I’m heavily involved in their back to vinyl series, and did the packaging for this. I expected a little more from the likes of 6Music, who failed to get behind one of London’s old school garage bands

  • Philip Selway – Coming Up For Air

    Philip Selway – Coming Up For Air

    Aug 8, 14 • 4013 Views • VideoComments Off on Philip Selway – Coming Up For Air

    Phil Selway, most familiar to us all as Radiohead’s spectacular drummer, showed another side when recording songs for Neil Finn’s 7 World’s Collide charity project. He knocked all participants for six by writing two quite wonderful chill

  • Benjamin Clementine – Condolence

    Benjamin Clementine – Condolence

    Aug 3, 14 • 3329 Views • VideoComments Off on Benjamin Clementine – Condolence